Programmes, projects, and pilot initiatives

Within a context of rapid global changes, economic actors in the Maghreb, the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa are invited to rapidly improve their competitiveness and upgrade from the environmental point of view. To follow these trends and adequately implement environmental policies, these actors need strategic and technical support. Environmental issues related with their field of work are complex and cannot be solved unless we take into consideration several factors on the local, national and international levels. Within this framework, sba has set up programmes, projects, and pilot initiatives to back these partner countries in their environmental approach. The current projects are represented by the images on the map below (click on the image to see the project description)


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Cleaner production


During the last 2 decades, sba has acquired an extensive experience in sustainable development. Thus, sba launched the DELTA programme and implemented from 1995 to 2008. The aim of the programme was to provide economic actors willing to improve their environmental performance with the necessary means to do so. Thanks to its network linking partners from 11 countries of the Middle East and North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey) the programme fostered and reinforced exchanges and skills in the field of eco-management.

Two projects are currently implemented by sba in this field. A project of Promoting the Adaptation and Adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) through the Establishment and Operation of a Cleaner Production Centre in Ukraine in 2013. Moreover, several seminars and audits are organized on a regular basis in Iran to the benefit of executives from Iranian major industries with the aim to raise awareness on the best environmental practices opportunities in the industrial sector.


Green Economy

EcoVerte2Green economy puts at the centre of its reflexion the process of economic growth and job creation and therefore seeks to identify the synergies between economic growth and environment protection. A project of green jobs creation in Tunisia was started in 2013. Moreover, Projects of implementation of an environmental accounting and an environmental taxation system in Morocco are currently developed by sba-Ecosys


Environmental Economics (EnvEcon)

Ras-Laffan-asba, Ecosys and their partners are setting up environmental economic evaluation programmes in Morocco and Mali to establish the links between the standards of living and environmental management. This approach, a new variation of the meso-economic studies launched in 2001 in the Maghreb and Middle Eastern countries (MESO programme) to promote environmental economics, is used as a decision-making tool.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

dIn the context of its activities, sba has promoted the integration of the stakes of social responsibility within the socio-economic activities. To this effect, in 2008, sba set up mechanisms and excellence awards with its partners in this domain. To promote its action in favour of the development of local communities, sba started social projects in 2007.


Sustainable Tourism

payasageSince 2007, sba also worked for the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism to promote sustainable tourism for around 50 hotels in Morocco. Having an extensive experience in this domain, sba , with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, offered its know how to professionals of the sector in the implementation of accompanying mechanism in favour of sustainable tourism.


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Algérie_mars2005 103In 2008, and in order to evaluate the relations between the environment and the socio-economic sectors, sba and its partners started strategic environmental assessment studies. These studies are important constituents of the decision-making and planning processes to integrate environmental considerations in the policies, plans and programmes.


Other projects

hommebaboucheOther projects are also being implemented. sba is currently working on the implementation of a national label for handicrafts in Morocco, as well as on a programme of support to professional Moroccan associations that aims to enhance productivity, improve incomes and potentially create jobs in rural Morocco. sba is also preparing a high-level strategic workshop for Senior Level Officials from Oman Ministries