Bridging two worlds

abrochureSustainable Business Associates (sba) is a non-governmental organisation established in Switzerland in 1995. We are active in the field of sustainable development in emerging countries – particularly in the Maghreb, Middle East and Africa.

Under its motto of “Bridging two worlds: linking industry and environment, ecology and economics, management and corporate responsibility, training and application, as well as industrialised and emerging economies”, sba aims to: 

  • Integrate the principles of eco-efficiency and sustainable development at local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Support decision-making processes, encourage innovation and build partner country capacity to initiate change in favour of green development.
  • Create and manage national and international competence and knowledge exchange networks.
  • Encourage social responsibility and integrated environmental management within both private enterprise and public administration.

bTrainingTo this means, sba carries out awareness raising actions, organises professional trainings and develops research and pilot projects across the globe. We work in close collaboration with academia, industry, as well as other competence centres and individual experts in and outside of Switzerland. Our involvement ranges from micro-level targeted actions, to meso-level sectoral projects and macro-level national strategic programmes.

More on our history, areas of work and achievements: sba 15 years of cooperation