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Associated Experts


Abdelilah Araba

Agriculture and livestock expert

Abdellati Touzani

Photo A. Touzani

Energy efficiency and renewables expert


Abdelmoneèm Derouiche

Environmental education and waste managment expert


Abdelwaheb Mkacher

Community development and agriculture expert


Abderraouf Salhi

Agriculture expert


Aboulaye Idrissa Maïga

Rural development expert


Adrian Ritz

Public management
and policy expert


Afaf Zaddem

International cooperation
and waste management


Alessandra Giuliani


Agrobiodiversity and
community development


Amel Zairi

Environmental impact assessment expert


Amine Ahlafi

Sustainable urban design
and eco-tourism expert


Annick Tonti

 Intercultural communication expert


Aziz Tijani

Agronomic sciences and biological engineering expert


Beat Burgenmeier

Socioeconomics and sustainability expert

Boukary Ouedraogo

Forest management and economics expert

Brahim Lekhlif

Brehim Lekhlif

Wastewater treatment and waste managment expert

Chedly Abidi

Agronomy, forestry and
natural resource
extraction expert


Chokri Brahim

Environmental education
and waste management

Christophe Lemoine

Media, communications and audiovisual production expert

Damien Lankoande

Agriculture and
microfinance expert

David Maradan

Environmental economics
and public policy expert

François Levarlet

Environmental economics
and public policy expert

Grégoire Meylan

Life cycle analysis and
cleaner production expert

Hassen Jebari

Eco-tourism expert

Hassiba Belghith

Eco-tourism and
environmental education

Hichem Rejeb

Sustainable agricuture


Ibtissem Bouattay

Environmental engineering
and eco-design expert

Jean Laville

Sustainable finance

Jean-Pierre Lehmann

International politics, economics and business expert


Kamel Khaldi

Industrial modernisation

Kamel Mabrouki

 Finance, banking and agriculture expert

Kamel Tounsi

Forests, agriculture and eco-tourism expert

Khulood Tubaishat

Environmental education
and capacity building

Lotfi Briki

Renewable energy expert



Luc Bardet

Multimedia and e-learning expert

Matthias Meyer

Economic integration
and trade expert


Mehdi Taïleb

Renewable energy and industrial efficiency expert

Mohamed Bouaoun

Waste management expert 

 Mohamed Dridi

Agriculture, rural development and training expert

Mohammed Elkrimi

Economics, law and business consulting expert

Mohammed Ezzine

Industrial environmental management expert

Mohammed Sinan

Hydrogeology and water resources expert


Mohktar Dridi


Agriculture expert

Mouhebdine Boujlel

Agriculture and environmental education expert

Moussa El Fadili

Agriculture and
livestock expert

Moussa Kienta

Fisheries and natural resource management expert

Naoufel Kerrou


Renewable energy and efficiency expert

Nejib Turki

Agriculture and urban development expert

Noël Thiombiano

Environmental economics and industrial ecology expert


Nourreddine Zaaboub

Marine sciences expert

Omid Shojaei

Technology and innovation expert

Ouidad Tebbaa

Cultural heritage and eco-tourism expert

Paolo Baracchini

Corporate environmental management expert


Pascale Waelti Maumier

Breeding systems expert


Paulo Gonçalves

Humanitarian logistics and management expert


Peter Knoepfel

Sustainable public policy expert

Rachid Chaoouki

Corporate environmental management expert

Radhia Michrgui

Renewable energy and environmental impact assessment expert


Raed Abu Hayyaneh

Environmental education expert


Rafiq Diab

Water management and environmental infrastructure expert

Romana Rombe Bandeira

Forests, agriculture and environmental risk
assessment expert


Saadia Ksibi

Waste management expert


Samiha Khelifa

Eco-tourism expert

Samir Meddeb

Environmental institutions
and governance expert


Smaïl Aboulam

Environmental management
and training expert

Taladidia Thiombiano

Environmental economics
and socio-econometrics

Thérèse Huissoud

Public health expert

Thierry Malleret

Business and investment expert

Urs Egger

Agricultural value chain and skills development expert

Vasco Correia Nhabinde

Environmental economics and markets expert


Walid Hassayoun

Eco-tourism and entrepreneurship expert


Walter Fust

Public administration and international relations



Yosri Helal

Renewable energy and waste management expert

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