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A Joint Action Toward Cleaner Production

Swiss-Iran cooperation to improve environmental practices

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between sba and the Iranian Society for Green Management (ISGM). As ISGM and sba share common vision and objectives, namely the promotion of sustainable development and best environmental practices to business and industry, the scope of cooperation of this MoU lies in the dissemination of knowledge and practices on Cleaner Production and Green Management, via the exchange of scientific knowledge, training and consultation to public and private entities.

At a first stage, Iran will be the main area of operation. Arab countries from the Middle East and North Africa as well as Gulf countries will be tackled in a second phase.


ISGM and sba will join forces to:


Eco-management training course

Several seminars on eco-management were held in Iran to the benefit of executives from Iranian major industries with the aim to raise awareness on the best environmental practices opportunities in the industrial sector. The seminars highlighted particularly the economic benefits of such sustainable practices for an enterprise as they can be used to optimise its operating costs and to improve its image in the perceptions of its stakeholders.

A condensed theoretical basis programme first introduced the concepts of eco-management and Cleaner Production. In order to illustrate concretely these notions, the participants implemented role plays and study various case studies of exemplary and successful best environment practices.

Download the updated programme

High Level Training Course on Green Management & Cleaner Production

Other seminars, held in Switzerland, allow participants to gain a common conceptual understanding of green management and cleaner production, become familiar with methods and tools for the implementation and assessment of sustainable strategies, strengthen operational skills and improve decision making throughout defining priorities and correctives measures and identify and explore opportunities to improve within the framework of professional activities.

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