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Delta Review 2004

The thematic dossier of this issue describes the resolutions of the United Nations and of all of its member countries to improve the state of the world through the Millennium Development Goals.

After many years of doubt and scepticism, the Kyoto Protocol officially entered into force in February 2005. Will this protocol reverse the actual trend climate change is taking.

Following the previous issue on Cleaner Production, a dossier on Environmentally Sound Technologies seemed obvious. Investing in those technologies is a way of showing its good will and care for the environment.

This issue focuses on Cleaner Production. It is not only a concept, but also an application of eco-efficiency in the industrial world.

The reorganisation of a workplace can be undertaken in order to prevent wastage of resources and energy. The behaviour regarding lighting and window opening is an example of fields concerned by ecology at the workplace.

This last decade saw the development of numerous indicators in the domains of ecology and sustainable development. They aim to give a global vision of the environmental and social situation of a country.

The dossier of this issue tackles an important tool for the industry regarding environmental protection: the Environmental Management System.

This issue focuses on eco-efficiency and sustainable development. Eco-efficiency has been widely recognized as a concept that can help corporate organisations to understand how environmental and economical goals can be simultaneously reached.
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